Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Now We Are Dead By Stuart MacBride [Audiobook]

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Publisher's Summary

She can't prove he did it. But she might die trying....
From the Sunday Times number one best-selling author of the Logan McRae series comes a stand-alone spin-off featuring DS Roberta Steel
Revenge is a dangerous thing....
Detective Chief Inspector Roberta Steel got caught fitting up Jack Wallace - that's why they demoted her and quashed his sentence. Now he's back on the streets, and women are being attacked again. Wallace has to be responsible, but if Detective Sergeant Steel goes anywhere near him, his lawyers will get her thrown off the force for good.
The Powers That Be won't listen to her, not after what happened last time. According to them, she's got more than enough ongoing cases to keep her busy. Perhaps she could try solving a few instead of harassing an innocent man?
Steel knows Wallace is guilty. And the longer he gets away with it, the more women will suffer. The question is: how much is she willing to sacrifice to stop him?

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