Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Fawn Brown By Zoe McAuley [Audiobook]


Publisher's Summary
Everyone remembers the tale of Snow White and her wicked stepmother. No one remembers Fawn Brown, the other princess, who made the fairy tale happen.

Fawn Brown grew up in the shadow of her half-sister, Snow White. Daughter of the King and his second wife Margaretha, Fawn lacked Snow’s beauty and her position as heir to the throne. Fawn’s lot was to wait timidly in the background of the court until she could be sent off to a dull assignment in the bleakest corner of the kingdom.

But the early death of their father left Snow White a spoilt child-queen and Margaretha as her regent. As Snow White approaches adulthood, Fawn finds herself catapulted onto the throne by her mother’s desperate schemes and caught up in an impossible balance between saving her sister and keeping the crown she coveted.

Fawn Brown is the story of three women in a struggle for a throne, torn between loyalty, jealousy and ambition.

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