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One More Lie By James Scott Bell [Audiobook]


Publisher's Summary
A 2012 International Thriller Awards Finalist!

From a "master of suspense" (Library Journal) and writer of "heart-whamming" fiction (Publishers Weekly) comes an all new suspense collection by James Scott Bell.

In the full-length novella One More Lie, high-flying divorce attorney Andrew Chamberlain is on top of the legal world. He buys his suits in Beverly Hills and wins his cases in court. But one day he's approached by a friend to handle the split with his wife. That's the day things start to go very wrong for Andrew Chamberlain...up to and including murder.

One More Lie was a finalist for a 2012 ITW Award.

PLUS three stories full of the suspense twists James Scott Bell is known for:

"A Great Man" - The Reverend Mike Rickland was not expecting one of New Jersey's most notorious mobsters to pay him a visit. All Angelo Scapelli wanted was to offer Mike's church ten million dollars. On one condition.

"Some Hero" - Garth Himmelfarb, middle aged and paunchy, was only trying to work off a few pounds by jogging in his neighborhood. He didn't expect to help a woman in distress - a beautiful woman; a woman he could be a hero for. He didn't expect to step into a situation that could get him beaten up or killed. But he did.

"How to Make Living as a Freelance Writer" - A struggling author, once popular, now on the way out, comes up with a last attempt to make enough money to live on as a writer...and actually finds it. Let's just say it's not the "traditional" route.

James Scott Bell is the number-one best-selling author of Plot & Structure (Writer's Digest Books) and numerous novels and stories of suspense. Among these are Watch Your Back and Try Dying. Writing as K. Bennett he is also the author of the zombie legal thriller Pay Me in Flesh.

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