Thursday, August 9, 2018

Janice Gentle Gets Sexy By Mavis Cheek [Audiobook]


Plump, virginal, bestelling Janice Gentle writes her delicate romances with one goal in view, to make enough money to find the man she loved and lost twenty years ago. Enter Ms Rohanne Bulbecker, New York publishing dynamo, who arrives in England to ask Janice to abandon her usual sentimental stories - and get sexy. 'You'll be Jane Austen' says Ms Bulbecker, 'But Jane Austen with sex...' The London Times called this a novel with 'faultless storytelling, and acute observation' and the Daily Telegraph called it 'A delightful comedy' showing deftness as a satirist and shrewdness as an observer. One of the most delightful romances in contemporary fiction - with a death scene both vivid, horrid and hilarious.

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