Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Killing Connection: DI Gilchrist, Book 7 By T. F. Muir [Audiobook]


Publisher's Summary
How well do you know the man you love?

A woman's body is washed up on the rocks by the castle ruins in St Andrews, with evidence of strangulation and no ID. Two weeks into the case, and DCI Andy Gilchrist is no closer to identifying her. A call from another woman claiming to be the dead woman's friend could be his first break, but when Gilchrist turns up to interview her, she is missing. Three days later her throttled corpse is found, and the investigation intensifies.

A local handyman's name repeatedly crops up in door-to-door interviews, a smooth character with the reputation of being a ladies' man who seems to have no history beyond three years, the length of time he's been living in the East Neuk. But before Gilchrist can bring him in for questioning, he vanishes.

As Gilchrist hunts for the missing suspect, he follows a trail of voyeurism and blackmail that stretches across the region...and beyond.

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