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The Reluctant Adventures of Fletcher Connolly on the Interstellar Railroad By Felix R. Savage [Audiobook]


Publisher's Summary
An Irishman in space. Hoards of alien technological treasures to be discovered. What could go wrong?

Don't answer that....

Fletcher Connolly hasn't got a lot to lose. Since he and half the galaxy signed on to the rat race of the technological relics trade, Fletch has come to terms with the idea that he will join the ranks of unlucky explorers that perish light years from home without a dime to his name.

But bankruptcy is a great motivator. With friends and family counting on him to strike it rich, Fletch embarks on an unwilling quest for alien treasure. His decrepit exploration ship, the Skint Idjit, and her successor, the Intergalactic Bogtrotter, plunge disastrously through the wildest regions of the Interstellar Railroad...from an uninhabited planet appropriately named a deliberately misnamed mafia-run planet known as a rogue planet inhabited by aliens resembling cuddly teddy a moon covered with giant cacti...and, ultimately, to the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, where Fletch's terrible judgment comes back to bite him in the rear for the last time.

Epic catastrophes and belly laughs pile up breathlessly in this delightful comic sci-fi adventure, a worthy successor to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

This complete edition of The Reluctant Adventures of Fletcher Connolly on the Interstellar Railroad contains all four episodes of Fletch's unlucky career:

  • Skint Idjit
  • Intergalactic Bogtrotter
  • Banjaxed Ceili
  • Supermassive Blackguard

Felix R. Savage is the NYT, WSJ, and USAT best-selling author of the Earth's Last Gambit Quartet and many other books. This is by far the funniest one.

Duration: 12 hrs and 31 mins

BitRate: 95 kbps

File Format: .Mp3

File Size: 520.7 MB


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