Thursday, June 28, 2018

Crossing the Darkness By W.H. Massa [Audiobook]


A ship of horrors. A journey into darkness. An ex-con and an ex-cop must join forces against the next step in human evolution.
Faith Cadena hopes to make a new life for herself on a new world far from Earth. After doing hard time for a crime committed in her youth, all she wants now is a chance at a fresh start. Booking passage on an interstellar colony barge, Faith expects an uneventful three-year voyage spent in cryogenic stasis. But her dream of a better life becomes a nightmare when she is prematurely awakened halfway through her journey and finds herself trapped aboard a ship of horrors: the vessel is adrift in the far reaches of space, its crew brutally murdered, and a ruthless killer in command. With the nearest outpost millions of miles away, it's up to Faith to face an inhuman adversary with terrifying plans for the ship's 4000 sleeping passengers.

Duration: 3 hrs and 26 mins
BitRate: 95 kbps
File Format: .Mp3
File Size: 189.61 MB


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